#10 Of My Favorite Michael Brecker Lines in All Keys- PDF

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#10 of my favorite Michael Brecker Lines in All Keys for All Instruments. 

In this PDF you will find 10 lines by Michael Brecker, each in 12 keys. There is harmony written to each line.

“Michael Brecker was one of the most influential tenor saxophonists today.
His live performances are praised throughout the jazz world, and his albums always attract the attention of jazz audiences and the media. Michael Brecker’s huge record catalog covers a wide variety of pop, rock and jazz styles. He is the recipient of many Grammy Awards. Michael Brecker is a technically brilliant player with extraordinary knowledge of his instrument.
His approach is original in its concept, although it still uses elements of the traditional jazz idiom. Michael Brecker is famous, among other things, for his
melodic lines, his timing and phrasing, sound quality and classical collaboration with other prominent jazz artists.”